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Career Counseling & job coaching

Career counseling

Do you need to change and speed up your career? Do you have difficulty getting your thoughts structured into goals suitable for your development to a better career?

Together we draw up a plan with clear goals. We explore who you are, what values, strengths and potential you have, how you want to feel and which path is best for you to reach your goals.

Perhaps the following statement applies to you?

  • Need a change in mine as my job is not bringing out the best of my capabilities.

  • Want to feel greater meaning and purpose with my life.

  • I want to explore my potential to understand what career I can pursue.

  • Don't know how to start changing. New job, start your own business but don't know what to do.


If you answered yes, then you are ready to change the direction of your career. It is important to feel job satisfaction and motivation in one's work. Find out in depth what you want and how you can get there.

Job coaching

The assignment begins with a careful mapping of your needs and skills, and the measures are adapted accordingly.

  • Motivation - how motivated am I to apply for a job?

  • To believe in yourself and find joy

  • Competence - what are my competences?

  • Increased awareness – strengths, weaknesses, values

  • Current situation, goals, obstacles

  • Action plan – concrete and time-bound

  • Methodology for focused job search

  • CV, personal letter, spontaneous application, interview training

  • Help and support

  • Crystal clear feedback in all modes.

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