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The disability
awareness flag

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Precious means valuable which represents Pride, Diversity and Equality. It is a non-partisan flag that is politically and religiously independent, a symbol for all people with disabilities regardless of which one!

Why design a flag?

The flag is designed by me, Jeanette Fridh, from Malmö, Sweden. I have extensive experience working for people with disabilities and their rights.


Why did I design a flag? A non-partisan flag that is politically and religiously independent, that could serve as a symbol for all individuals with disabilities, regardless of their type? Apart from having contemplated the idea for several years and wondering why there was no common flag, I am also convinced that the power that comes from gathering and fighting together can be invincible.

Jeanette Fridh (bild).png

Symbol and color representation

Symbols on the yellow field to the right, are four symbols that represent different disabilities. The eye stands for the visually impaired, the faces stand for visible and invisible disabilities, the wheelchair stands for accessibility and mobility impairment, and the ear stands for people with hearing loss and sign language.

Skärmavbild 2023-06-16 kl. 14.29.38.png

The flag stands for Pride, Diversity and the equal value of all

flagggan fril.png
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Image gallery of the disability awareness flag PRECIOUS

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