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Nothing is impossible until the opposite is proven

Duration: 1.5 hours

Target audience: Disability rights organizations, municipalities, LSS personnel, study associations, individuals

For me, it has always been important to share knowledge based on personal experiences.

My lectures are grounded in personal experiences that can be likened to a transformative journey, particularly in the realm of private life. I have an adult son with an intellectual disability. I talk about how I have had to confront conflicting emotions that have at times turned my life upside down, which made me angry and simultaneously mixed love with forbidden thoughts…


I share stories of transformation, how steps can and must be taken forward and upward, moving from despair and resistance to acceptance and growth.

We all have different capacities and abilities, different sets of functions. Some strengthen us, and we can manage them independently, while others require more or less support. Thinking differently is liberating.


My lectures aim to spread and inspire the belief that anything is possible until proven otherwise. What is needed is the right support and understanding. I involve the participants of the lectures, providing them with insight into how love and joy can transform forbidden emotions, encouraging them to think differently and set new goals.

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