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About me

A genuine societal interest throughout my upbringing ignited my passion for diversity issues, and today I serve as the chairman of FUB Malmö, the association for children, youth, and adults with intellectual disabilities. Drawing upon my experience and knowledge in diversity and disability issues, I participate in several important councils within the municipality.


I am a certified ICF Coach, as well as certified in Change Management, Executive Leadership, and Board Governance. My accreditation as a consultant in e-stimate personal profiles has provided me with a deeper understanding of various personality profiles.


My broad and extensive expertise from my leadership positions at the national and regional levels have given me unique capabilities to quickly adapt to different scenarios regardless of the industry.


I have extensive experience in both the private and public sectors, as well as in nonprofit organizations.


Jeanette Fridh

JKTillit CV


Vinnare i kategorin "Årets förebild" i Diversity Index Award 2023

Jeanette Fridh är vinnare i kategorin "Årets förebild" i Diversity Index Award 2023. Read more here.

The winner of Eleonorapriset 2023 


Jeanette Fridh is this year's recipient of Eleonorapriset. Read more here.

In Skånska Dagbladet: Funkismamma: "Prejudice does not arise from rudeness"

Funkismamma - Fördomar uppstår inte av elakhet_page-0001.jpg

Her son André has a disability and for almost 40 years she has fought for his and others' rights. Read more here.

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