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Change management

All change involves creating new routines and changing behaviour. It is human to question changes and a seemingly simple technical implementation can stand and fall with how employees are handled and involved during the change process.


Harvard professor John P. Kotter is one of the world's leading experts in organizational change. I use Kotter's 8-step plan as a starting point and adapt it based on each client's needs. Kotter describes eight critical steps to succeed in large-scale organizational change.


Most employees must be eager, must be eager to succeed, because a successful change process takes time, usually several years. The problems must be identified, the opportunities described, a spirit of enthusiasm must be created.


What should the new organization look like, who/who will lead the change work, what needs initiated and respected leaders. Everyone must work together and well-thought-out decisions, which involve the entire organization, must be made.

Through my two lectures, What is the change curve? andElaboration on the change curve, jaq helps you create an understanding of what a change is and how it affects behavior. Read morehere.

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