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Are you recently relocated? Perhaps you feel worried about the future or simply have difficulty accepting your new situation? Or are you a manager and had to dismiss an employee who now needs support and encouragement?

Outplacement makes a difficult process easier.

The reason why you have to go your separate ways varies, but some of the most common are:

  • Changed competency requirements

  • Personal reasons

  • Wrong recruitment

  • Changed ability to work

  • Reorganization


Whatever the reason, the program helps the employee move forward in a structured and accountable manner. While you as an employer get the chance to show that you care about your staff.


The focus of the program will be on identifying and marketing the terminated employee's skills, with the aim of strengthening them in the face of existing but also future challenges. Through advice, inspiration and confirmation, those concerned will be encouraged to find new work outside the organisation.

The program also includes sub-moments to gain insight into crisis reactions and tips on how to move on in working life after disappointing news.

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